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Fairytale Wedding


A wedding is a unique event that celebrates the beginning of the happiest chapter in the life of a couple. This event is special because it is deeply personal since you are celebrating your love story. For this reason, it is imperative to carefully select the ambient in which you will hold this ceremony. The celebration must be magnificent, unique and totally different from all the others, just like your love is.

Wedding at the Danube Shore


Villa Jugovo S gives you a chance to have a wedding at the Danube shore so you can make this day special and memorable. After all, our business doesn’t just include renting the wedding hall; we strive to create a unique event that you and your guests will remember forever! Tell us your story and we will turn it into a fairy tale!



The space in which you will celebrate your love is the top priority when you organize a wedding. The wedding hall must emanate warmth, tasteful decoration and elegance in order to make you and your guests feel pleasantly relaxed. Villa Jugovo S has a capacity of 370 seats and it is located at the very shore of Danube, ensuring a sensational river view. Since we are far away from the city ruckus and haste, our ambient transmits tranquility and amenity, and our hospitable atmosphere and diligent staff will make you feel like you are at your own home.



You can decorate the space in our villa to your own style. What separates us from others is the fact that we are completely dedicated to each of our clients because we want to make their wedding original and enchanting. Every couple has a unique story and shares emotions different from all the others. Our team doesn’t just listen to your desires and requests but strives to meet you and your relationship, so we can better understand your idea and make it come true on your wedding day.

We don’t rent the hall to you, we provide you with an opportunity to make your wedding day look like a fairytale event you will remember forever.

Make Your Dream Come True


Our service is special because we approach each couple that decides to celebrate their wedding at our villa individually. Our team of dedicated experts will help you to carry out every one of your ideas. Tell us how you envision your wedding and we will make your vision come alive!